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The South African Golf Teachers Federation (SAGTF) was established in the year 2000 and is one of 42 World Golf Teachers Federation (WGTF) member nations that conduct golf teaching certification courses.
Our members therefore not only belong to their own national entity of golf teaching professionals, but are also part of the world’s largest organization of golf teaching professionals with 25,000 members worldwide. Education through this cross-fertilization of ideas and culture in golf was a long time in coming to South Africa. And our members can now benefit from the sharing of golf teaching ideas and mechanics with other teaching professionals from around the world.

Teaching golf, “The Profession of a Lifetime” offers you many opportunities in the fast growing golf industry. South African Golf Teachers Federation members currently hold positions as head professionals at both private and public country clubs, golf schools, driving ranges, indoor facilities, as high school and university coaches, academies, golf estates and as self-employed teaching professionals. As the golfing industry continues to grow there continues to be a need for qualified, personable golf teaching professionals.


A Great Way to Communicate With Fellow Members

The world’s only global communication network for golf teaching professionals,

This forum offers the opportunity for golf teaching professionals to meet and network with other teaching professionals throughout the world to discuss teaching ideas and concepts.

The board is periodically updated with information from the National Office for members as well. Just a reminder: all who sign up must use their first and last names as display names.

Log on today and take advantage of this great member benefit.

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The South African Golf Teachers Federation is a proud member of the World Golf Teachers Federation


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