Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Golf is my ultimate passion and I want to make a career from it. Will this course enable me to follow a career in golf?
A: Yes. The SAGTF Level 3 and Level 4 qualifications are explicitly career oriented and designed specifically for individuals who wish to make a career in teaching golf. The qualifications will allow you to be a specialist in any facet of the golf teaching industry. You will have the credentials and the knowledge to brand yourself as a full fledged professional.

Q: Can I earn a good income by giving golf lessons and what type of professional fees can I charge?
A: Yes. You can earn a fantastic income depending on factors like: Teaching full-time or part time; the country, city, area and the facility from where you will operate; have you built a good professional name for yourself in the community where you teach?; do you specialize in a specific skill level or facet of the game?; individual or group lessons?; you might have long-term lesson contracts with professional tour players; are you teaching for a salary or do you have your own teaching academy or business etc. All these factors and more are covered during the certification course so that you can start earning an income immediately while enjoying every minute of it.

Q: Do you have a Senior division?
A: Yes, we do and we are very proud of our many members over age 50 that are actively teaching and promoting the game.

Q: Is it difficult to successfully pass the course and what is your pass rate?
A: The vast majority of our students pass the course during their first attempt. From the opening orientation to the closing banquet, our teaching staff is there to help you become the best golf teaching professional that you can possibly be. All aspects of teaching golf are covered during your stay with us. Our goals at the certification course are to ensure that you are taught how to teach every facet of the game and to ensure that you enjoy the process. Participants who put forth their best effort are most likely to succeed, not only in our certification course but in the golf teaching industry as well.

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