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Level IV Certification:
Grand Masters in Golf Instruction

It is a non-compulsory 7-day residential course which covers advanced teaching and instruction applications. The course is specifically for SAGTF /WGTF certified members who aspire to attain the highest WGTF qualification and who wish to further their studies. The Grand Masters Course is conducted once a year.

Level 4 Admission Criteria

√ Minimum age of 21 years old.
√ Maximum official golf handicap of 3 or lower.
√ Candidates must have current professional status.
√ Male or female.
√ Candidates must be a current Certified Level 3 SAGTF / WGTF Instructor and must have logged a minimum of 3000 hours of teaching and instruction.

Level 4 Course Format

√ The course format is an intensive 7-day residential course which is conducted in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa.
√ Enrollments are limited to 10 students per course.
√ Courses start on a Saturday and finishes on the following Saturday. Instruction begins at 08H00 in the mornings until 17h00 in the afternoons with a half an hour lunch break.
√ Courses are conducted in English.

Level 4 Qualification Criteria

Candidates are examined on the entire course content and after a successful pass they are issued with the following:

√ SAGTF / WGTF personalized Professional Grand Masters Pro-card (valid for 12 months)
√ SAGTF / WGTF Grand Masters Certificate in Golf Instruction.
√ Certified Grand Masters are eligible to become full-time WGTF examiners.

Level 4 Examinations

To attain your full Grand Masters Certification, there are four areas that are mandatory to pass during the course of the week:

1. One hour Practical Teaching Examination
2. Three hour Theory Examination
3. Practical Shot Making Demonstration
4. Candidates must submit proof of their current official handicap which must be signed by a committee member of their local club. The maximum handicap permitted for submission is 3.

Level 4 Re-examinations

No re-examinations are permitted at Level 4. Failure to pass any re-examination will result in failure of the entire certification course.

Level 4 Course Cost

The cost is the same as for Level 3.

Level 4 Enrolment Procedure:

Candidates who comply with all the admission criteria for the Grand Masters Course can request a Grand Masters Reservation form from our offices. The reservation form indicates the date of the course.


Please request a brochure from our offices and see the easy steps to enroll for a forthcoming certification course.

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