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Level III Certification:
Professional Golf Teaching and Golf Instruction

Upon successful completion of Level 3, students will have attained the "know how", knowledge and confidence to teach all aspects of the game to all skill levels namely:

√ Beginner golfers
√ Intermediate golfers
√ Advanced golfers
√ Professional players

Qualified members then have the opportunity to either specialize in teaching one of the above mentioned skill levels or to teach and service all the skill levels. It is similar as to practicing for example as a general medical practitioner (GP) or practicing as a specialist in neurology. The choice is solely up to you.


Level 3 Admission Criteria

√ Minimum age of 17 years old.
√ Maximum official golf handicap of 12 or lower.
√ Open to amateurs and professionals.
√ Male or female.
√ No previous teaching or instruction experience is required.
√ Must be physically fit.

Level 3 Course Format

√ The course format is an intensive 8-day residential course which is conducted in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa.
√ Enrollments are limited to 20 students per course.
√ Courses start on a Saturday and finishes on the following Friday evening with a banquet dinner. Instruction begins at 08h00 in the mornings until 17h00 in the afternoons with an hour lunch break.
√ Courses are conducted in English.

Level 3 Qualification Criteria

Candidates are examined on the entire course content and after a successful pass they are issued with the following:

√ SAGTF / WGTF personalized Instruction Pro-card (valid for 12 months)
√ SAGTF / WGTF Certificate in Golf Teaching and Golf Instruction

Level 3 Examinations

To attain your full certification, there are four areas that are mandatory to pass during the course of the week:
1. One hour Practical Teaching Examination
2. Three hour Theory Examination
3. Two and a half hour open book Rules Test
4. Candidates must submit proof of their current official handicap which must be signed by a committee member of their local club. The maximum handicap permitted for submission is 12.

The pass rate for each examination is 80%.


Level 3 Re-examinations

In the event of failing an examination(s), students are permitted to re-do the examination(s) within 97 days from the date of completion of the certification course. The cost per re-examination is R 1450, 00. Failing a re-examination will result in failure of the entire certification course. The re- examinations are carried out at the same venue as where the certification course was conducted. Students are requested to contact the SAGTF offices at least seven days in advance to make an appointment for a re-examination.

Re-examinations are not carried out during a certification course and also not within 7 days of completion of the course.

Level 3 Course Cost

The cost for the course is R 9850.00 which includes the following:

√ Lecture fees
√ Practical Instruction fees
√ SAGTF / WGTF Teaching and Instruction Manual (English)
√ SAGTF / WGTF Certificate upon successful completion
√ SAGTF / WGTF Pro-Card upon successful completion
√ Driving range balls
√ Examination fees
√ SAGTF Golf shirt
√ SAGTF Golf cap
√ Note pad and pen
√ Gala dinner and presentation
√ V.A.T.

Not included in the course cost:

• Meals and beverages
• Transport to and from the venue
• Accommodation (contact numbers of guesthouses and lodges close to the course venue are available on request)



Our goals at certification courses are:

To ensure you are taught how to teach every facet of the game and to ensure that you enjoy the process. As a teaching professional, you will also want to have goals of a similar nature with your students. Ensure that your clients enjoy themselves and are taught the mechanics of the golf swing in a simplified, easy to understand manner.

From the opening orientation to the closing banquet, our teaching staff is there to help you become the best golf teaching professional that you can possibly be. All aspects of teaching golf are covered during the certification course. This does not require that you be kept in the classroom all day long. Classroom theory is kept to a minimum each day.

During a Level 3 certification course the following subjects are covered in detail:

• The principles of teaching motor skills
• Ball Flight Laws theory and practical
• Detection and correction angles / Teaching Positions
• Teaching Zones
• Incorporation of safety
• Lesson Preparation
• Detection and correction techniques
• Golf Teaching and Instruction terminology
• Teaching Practise theory
• Sequences and pacing
• Professional code of ethics
• Effective long and short game drills
• Teaching the Full Swing to beginner golfers and high handicappers
• Teaching the full swing to advanced and professional players
• Teaching the complete short game to beginners and advanced players.
• Teaching adjustments when teaching juniors, seniors and ladies.
• Teaching left handed golfers
• Teaching course management
• Golf's general principles
• Trouble Shots
• Psychology of Teaching Golf
• Communication techniques
• Verbal, visual and kinaesthetic teaching methods
• Root causes
• Marketing Yourself as a Golf Teaching Professional
• Club fitting - What Teaching Professionals Should Know
• Faults & Cures for Teaching Professionals
• Video Analysis
• Improving your own entire game
• Insights to an enjoyable professional teaching career

Instruction consists of classroom theory and practical learning on the practise facilities.

A vast amount of theory is covered during the week through lectures in the classroom. However, the majority of time spent during the week is outside on the practise facilities where most of the theory is covered practically. Again the focus is on learning to teach but this time you are on the practice facility itself. You have the opportunity to hit plenty of balls during the week as well as become familiar with all the new teaching and instruction skills.

We usually break for lunch at noon and reconvene in one hour. Each day you have the opportunity to practice your new teaching skills with your fellow students in order to be prepared for the practical teaching examination at the end of the week. In this scenario, we make it a point of never putting people on the spot or making them feel uncomfortable. For the most part, practice teaching is done one on one and not necessarily in a class type format.



The Practical teaching test is a test where our SAGTF instructors examine you while you are teaching a member of the public for one hour on the driving range. This test takes place on the last day of the course. The theory examination is also written during the last day of the course and students are examined on the entire course content and on the notes they might have taken down during the week. The multiple choices written Rules Test (open book) is written early during the week.


Please request a brochure from our offices and see the easy steps to enroll for a forthcoming certification course.

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