The SAGTF Brand

The South African Golf Teachers Federation (SAGTF) and all 37 member nations that make up the World Golf Teachers Federation (WGTF) have grown to become the largest organization of strictly golf teaching professionals and instructors. The WGTF was established in 1989 and now has more than 18 000 members worldwide. Not being restrained by “old world” traditions, the WGTF has been able to evolve and grow with the help of many teaching pioneers. The SAGTF, a full member of the World Golf Teachers Federation is proud to be associated with individuals that are professional, service oriented, adaptive and whom have an appreciation for excellence and quality in life. As a result, we are privileged in defining the true direction of modern golf instruction through the following set objectives:

  • Qualify a distinctive class of competent golf teachers, instructors and Grand masters in South Africa.
  • Protect and support the professional interests of our members and the general golfing public.
  • To expose and uplift the poor standards, ethics and business practices that have been deteriorating in the golf teaching and instruction industry.
  • Inject a much needed form of healthy business competition between ourselves and all other associations, companies, institutions or organizations that qualify individuals to teach or instruct the game of golf at professional level.
  • Continuously advise the golfing public of the criteria that professional golf teachers must meet and the standards that they must maintain.
  • The SAGTF recognizes that there are distinct niches in the golf teaching and instruction industry. Therefore, these markets need to be serviced by the appropriate professionals who have been trained to specialize in each niche respectively.
  • Add value by qualifying people of all ages – specifically mature individuals who have experience in life skills.

The SAGTF offers teaching and instruction courses that are structured to meet the real -life demands in the golf industry. We are proud to be the only company that distinctively educates people to either practice as Golf Teachers, Golf Instructors, or Grand Masters. Candidates will find it challenging to obtain any of these qualifications. The candidates who qualify through the SAGTF will be recognized by the golfing public as leaders in the field of teaching and instruction.

The SAGTF offers you the following:

  • Qualifications that provide opportunities to specialize in different aspects of golf teaching or golf instruction.
  • Qualifications that are designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and confidence to start a career immediately as an employee or employer.
  • An opportunity to take advantage of our organization’s exclusive member’s- only services and products, thus, enhancing the reputation and skills of our members in the industry.